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Summer Time Means Road Trips

We all look forward to this time of year. Where the sun seems to never go down or stop scorching us. But long daylight hours means lots of things. BBQ's, fireworks, family outings, and of course, road trips! Road trips are one of many great american past times that we have in this great country.

There are a few things you will want to make sure you have and or are prepared for before you hit that long stretch of highway.

Make sure you carry a emergency roadside kit in your vehicle, this isnt just a summer specific items. A good roadside kit will include jumper cables, flares, and a thermal blanket just in case you end up stranded for a long period of time,

Bring a change of clothes. While it may seems silly, a change of clothes can sometimes make a huge difference when you are out there in unfamiliar territory.

If you have an older vehicle it may be a smart idea to keep a small amount of oil, coolant, or water in your vehicle just in case you lose oil or coolant along your travels.

Map or GPS will be extremely important. You may know which direction you are going but if this is a new state or territory a traditional map is easy to store and can be extremely valuable if you end up out of a service area or have no power to your cellular device.

Make a contact plan for your friends and family so they know where to expect you and what areas you will be in also just in case something goes wrong or break down.

Before you leave make sure to properly inflate tires, check coolants and vehicles operating condition before making any serious travel. And of course dial in your local 24 hour mobile mechanics service into your phone in case something does go wrong.

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