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Why you should get a Pre-Purchase inspection.

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What is a used car pre-purchase inspection?

A pre purchase inspection is a great tool to help with a number of issues that could arise when purchasing a used vehicle. It will let you know what issues the vehicle has before it is purchased as well as give you an overall idea of the vehicles mechanical condition.

Where can I get a car inspection?

Most mechanic shops will conduct a inspection for you at their average shop rate of 1 hour. 24hr Mobile Mechanics also offers this service as a onsite inspection for your convenience.

What will they check for in a pre-purchase inspection?

A normal inspection will be largely visual and include suspension, fuel systems, engine condition, as well as any other systems that the vehicle has that can be observed while in use.

What if I find damage during a vehicle inspection?

It is not uncommon to find some issues with a used vehicle, Whether it be lines that show corrision or soon to be needed suspension or alignment issues. The mechanic can note any important factors that will influence the vehicles price and of course the cost of these repairs that will be needed to have the vehicle in great running condition.

I’ve had the vehicle inspection. Now what?

Working with a private seller or even a dealership can be a scary thought in the times we live in today. Having all the information to keep the leverage on equal footing is important. 24hr Mobile Mechanics is committed to making sure you are lemon free.

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