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Professional, Reliable, Fast and Affordable Mobile Mechanic Service

24Hr Mobile Mechanics is committed to trying to provide professional, reliable, fast and affordable service. Our fee to dispatch a qualified mechanic is a very reasonable $85 minimum. This means the minimum charge to you is $85.00, that’s the lowest price you may be charged.

Factors that can impact the price are time of day, current weather conditions, availability of the mechanic, distance traveled to and from the customer, and the complexity of the work to be performed, among other things.

When you call into 24Hr Mobile Mechanics, our dispatcher can offer an estimate upon request, based on the information available and description of the problem and we do advise you to ask for this estimate*. Without this estimate, our mechanic that arrives will determine the fee for the service.

*Our mechanics dispatched by 24Hr Mobile Mechanics must honor the estimate based on the information available from the customer at the time service is requested, which is why we encourage you to request one from the dispatcher. The mechanic may set other rates when an estimate is not obtained at the time of dispatch.

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